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6 egg alternate options for these making an attempt instances

Eggs are some of the sensible and environment friendly meals identified to people and a vital ingredient in cuisines all over the world. However because of a sequence of unlucky occasions (and, some say, company greed), eggs are now expensive and scarce. It’s sufficient to make you rethink your love for fluffy omelets at breakfast.

Fortunately, many egg replacements are meals you would possibly have already got at dwelling. However what you utilize as a stand-in will depend upon what you’re making and the position eggs play in that exact concoction. 

To present you first-hand information, we tried completely different egg substitute choices with the identical easy vanilla muffin recipe to see which of them work and which of them stink like a rotten egg. 

How to decide on an egg substitute 

Eggs are ubiquitous in kitchens and cookbooks not solely due to their excessive dietary content material, however as a result of they’ll carry out a number of capabilities on the identical time. 

To decide on the most effective substitute for any recipe, Lourdes Castro, a registered dietitian and director of the Meals Lab at New York College, says you first want to determine what the eggs are doing within the meals you’re making. For that, a superb understanding of how eggs perform in meals preparation turns out to be useful.

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Take into account that eggs are multitaskers and is perhaps taking part in a couple of position within the recipe. In that case, get your self a substitute that tackles these wants, and don’t be afraid to experiment by adjusting the portions of the opposite substances if it is advisable to.


Oils don’t combine with water-based liquids—that’s a truth anybody who’s ever tried to make a French dressing is aware of nicely. So in the event you’ve ever puzzled how milk or vanilla extract combine so nicely with butter once you’re making cupcakes, the reply is straightforward: eggs. 

That is potential due to lecithin, which egg yolks have in abundance, Castro explains. Lecithin molecules have a hydrophilic (water-loving) and a hydrophobic (water-hating, fat-loving) facet. This construction offers this nutrient the power to concurrently bind to grease and butter, in addition to non-fatty substances like milk, making it a wonderful emulsifier. In case your recipe accommodates these two conflicting kinds of substances, your eggs are possible serving as an emulsifier.


Eggs are such nice glue that they’ve been used within the development of buildings that stand tall to this present day. And in terms of edible stuff, eggs are additionally actually, actually good at maintaining issues from falling aside. 

Consider meatballs, for instance. Prepare dinner a clump of floor beef and it’ll crumble. Add some eggs, and the roundness will final till the meat is absolutely cooked. It’s because the excessive protein content material within the eggs acts as glue, maintaining every thing collectively even within the presence of harmful warmth. Anytime you’re making a quiche or including seeds as a of entirety to your buns, you’re utilizing eggs as a binder.


The world can be worse off if we didn’t have meringue (and macarons, for that matter). This sugary cloud is barely potential due to eggs’ capability to develop eight instances bigger in quantity when crushed. Like their binding traits, this is because of their excessive protein content material.  

Once you whisk egg whites, you combine air into them. The stirring movement additionally creates an elastic internet of proteins that traps air bubbles in place, permitting the gooey whites to increase. 

“[Eggs are] capable of perform like a leavening agent, bringing quantity and peak to a baked good, or no matter it’s that you just’re making,” says Castro. Egg yolks even have this capability, however due to their excessive fats content material, they’ll solely foam as much as a sure diploma, she provides. So any time you’re making a fluffy sponge that requires loads of mixing and beating, eggs are there so as to add quantity.

Shade, seal, and end

Eggwash is the proper ending step for lots of baked items. If you would like your buns shiny and golden, beat some eggs and paint the uncooked dough with them earlier than you place it within the oven. 

The shiny bronze end is partially because of the Maillard impact: the response answerable for the browning of proteins which are uncovered to warmth. However how darkish your baked items get will rely extra on the quantity of pigment within the egg yolk

Testing egg replacements 

We selected a easy muffin recipe from The Spruce to check (and style) replacements. We baked a management batch following the recipe, then repeated the method through the use of the stand-ins. After they all cooled down, we in contrast them to evaluate quantity, coloration, texture, rise, and, in fact, taste.

On this explicit recipe, the eggs are principally there to carry butter and milk collectively, and for that goal, our assessments confirmed these egg replacements labored fairly nicely however weren’t good dupes. Some batches had a barely completely different taste or texture, and others didn’t rise as a lot because the management group. If you end up making ready an identical recipe, you might need to compromise, however you’ll nonetheless get tasty treats on the finish utilizing any of those replacements.   


  • Ratio per egg: 3 tablespoons 
  • Ideally suited for: quantity and binding
  • Total efficiency: 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚
Two muffins cut in half to expose the inner texture of the bake
Aquafaba (on the suitable) acquired a greater coloration and a extra even rise than our baking soda and vinegar muffins. Sandra Gutierrez

Aquafaba, also referred to as the water that comes together with canned chickpeas, is a staple in vegan delicacies for a cause. This seemingly innocuous substance is stuffed with protein, and its capability to foam makes it the proper ingredient to make vegan meringue. That is additionally what makes it an excellent substitute once you need to add quantity to your baked items. On this experiment, it labored nice. 

Relying on the chickpeas you get, the aquafaba could possibly be a bit watery; you need it to be thick and resemble an egg-white consistency. You’ll by no means get an ideal goo like that, however you may get fairly shut by lowering the aquafaba in a small saucepan on low warmth for 10 to fifteen minutes. Castro explains that is a straightforward method to improve the protein focus within the liquid, as warmth will remove the surplus water. 

We decreased the aquafaba and waited for it to chill down earlier than utilizing it. We additionally made positive to combine it totally with the remainder of the liquid substances, beating it by hand for a minute or two. In case you have an electrical mixer, you would possibly be capable to get extra quantity than we did, however even two minutes of whisking by somebody with very questionable higher physique power did the trick completely, so that you don’t really want one.   

The outcome was an nearly good dupe of the management batch. The feel, quantity, and taste had been spot on, with the one distinction being that the aquafaba muffins had been loads paler than their eggy counterparts. Nonetheless, this was considered one of our favourite replacements, and we ended up with a can of chickpeas we later used to make a scrumptious salad with onion and feta cheese. Waste not, need not. 

Carbonated water

  • Ratio per egg: ¼ cup
  • Ideally suited for: quantity
  • Total efficiency: 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚
plate with four muffins over kitchen wooden counter
These muffins had been fluffy and gentle and tasted scrumptious. John Kennedy

Hear, this one shocked us too. Water is definitely not the identical as an egg, however in terms of baking, the added bubbles in spicy water can present an identical leavening impact, creating quantity to your baked items. Since water provides no taste or fats to the batter, you could discover the style of different substances extra, so you could need to account for that when utilizing this substitute. 

In our case, the batter was about as thick because the management, however not as spoonable—it was a bit of stickier. Castro says that is regular, and in case your batter is simply too sticky, you’ll be able to stability that out by adjusting the remainder of the substances record. 

“In case you have milk or one thing else, lower that to make up for the additional water,” she says. 

The completed muffins had been truly very near the management batch, and seemed loads like them. There was no noticeable change in taste, both.

Fruit puree

  • Ratio per egg: ¼ cup (65 grams) 
  • Ideally suited for: binding
  • Total efficiency: 🥚🥚🥚🥚
plate of four muffins sitting on a wooden kitchen counter
Pureed fruit is a straightforward egg stand-in, however it’s important to be pleased with the flavour of fruit ultimately outcome. John Kennedy

When utilizing fruit as an egg substitute, most websites suggest pureed apples or bananas, however you could possibly technically use any ripened fruit so long as it’s not excessively watery (please don’t strive watermelon). 

The important thing ingredient that fruit is including to your batter is pectin, which loads of recipes for jams and jellies use as a gelling agent. Merely put, it makes issues thicker. In baking, pectin is a fairly good binding agent.

“Bananas are excellent at delivering that,” Castro says. “The colour is fairly benign, there’s not loads of seeds, it’s fairly straightforward to make use of, and there’s not loads of water, so it tends to be a superb ingredient.”

As straightforward and accessible because it is perhaps, utilizing fruit as an egg substitute additionally means the stand-in’s taste will come by way of within the completed product. This isn’t essentially unhealthy in the event you like the flavour, nevertheless it’s not the best choice if you’d like one thing extra impartial. 

We used mashed bananas, which we might faintly style on the finish of the experiment. However the remainder of the variables had been fairly steady: they seemed the identical because the management group, and the feel was solely barely denser.  

Baking powder and vinegar

  • Ratio per egg: 1 teaspoon baking powder + 1 tablespoon vinegar 
  • Ideally suited for: quantity
  • Total efficiency: 🥚🥚🥚🥚
muffin tray on kitchen counter with uncooked batter
You may see how the batter within the baking powder + vinegar combo (on the suitable) is loads gooier than different alternate options. Sandra Gutierrez

In cooking, the baking powder and vinegar combo is used so as to add quantity. The foaming response between these two substances produces carbon dioxide, which pushes the batter outward to create peak. 

Castro explains that this response within the oven is kind of a head begin to the rise. The CO2 bubbles increase the combination whereas the gluten coagulates, and if all goes nicely, they may maintain the construction lengthy sufficient to repair it in place, giving your baked items measurement and an ethereal texture. 

You’ll discover the distinction between a muffin with eggs and one utilizing baking powder and vinegar primarily as a result of the latter has no fats, so the feel received’t be as gentle. Fortunately, our recipe had a wholesome quantity of butter that counteracted the absence of the egg fats, so the distinction was solely noticeable towards the management batch. 

Full-fat, unflavored yogurt

  • Ratio per egg: ¼ cup (65 grams) 
  • Ideally suited for: binding
  • Total efficiency: 🥚🥚🥚
two muffins cut in half to show their inner texture
The feel within the muffins utilizing yogurt as an alternative of eggs (left) is loads denser than the management (proper). Sandra Gutierrez

Yogurt has loads of protein, nevertheless it’s completely different from egg protein as a result of it doesn’t coagulate as simply with warmth, Castro explains. This doesn’t make it a superb substitute in terms of binding issues collectively, however on this explicit case, the presence of milk adjustments that. 

“Milk does reply to acid, so the yogurt coagulates the milk after which removes loads of that water,” Castro says. The result’s a extra concentrated type of protein that was capable of preserve our muffins from falling aside. 

We ended up with gentle, pale-ish muffins that didn’t rise as a lot because the management group, so the crumbs had been a bit denser general. Yogurt additionally gave the muffins a faint tangy taste, which counterbalanced the sweetness of the sugar. This could possibly be good if that is your type of factor, however in the event you like your muffins with a extra impartial taste, you’re higher off selecting one other substitute. 

Chia seeds

  • Ratio per egg: 1 tablespoon seeds + 3 tablespoons water
  • Ideally suited for: binding, construction
  • Total efficiency: 🥚🥚🥚
plate with four muffins sitting on a wooden kitchen counter
If you happen to don’t grind the chia or flax seeds, you’ll get a grainier texture. John Kennedy

You need to use chia or flax seeds to exchange eggs, as each grains gel within the presence of moisture. To make use of it, soak the seeds in water for 5 minutes earlier than including them to the batter. You may grind them or use them as-is, the one distinction being that utilizing entire seeds will give your baked items a particular texture you received’t get when utilizing eggs.

Chia and flax seeds have fats and protein, in order that they’ll present construction and bind substances collectively. This occurs as a result of the seeds take up extra space and soak up loads of the liquid within the batter as they gel. 

This was clear to us because the ensuing muffins had been certainly drier, denser, and visually lumpier than the management group. The chia seeds supplied some minor added sweetness, nevertheless it was onerous to get previous the denseness of the muffins themselves. That mentioned, you could possibly alter or add different substances so as to add moisture in the event you’re prepared to experiment. 

When to not use an egg substitute

All of those replacements labored fairly nicely in making these explicit muffins. You may even see extra pronounced variations in recipes that decision for a bigger variety of eggs or don’t have any different sources of fats or protein. When unsure, strive making a smaller batch of no matter you’re cooking and alter the substances as vital. 

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Castro recommends you steer clear of replacements in the event you’re making mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce, as no different substances will make up for every thing eggs do in these explicit meals. Browning and coloration are two different fronts the place replacements received’t do as nicely, she says. The protein in meals like aquafaba provides you with some coloration and gloss, however you’ll solely be capable to obtain the bronzed look of a brioche with the golden pigments of an egg yolk.  

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