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Creating information – the Node

After a brief break, our first ‘Creating information’ publish of 2023 focusses on disruption in science.

How good is ChatGPT?

One of many essential speaking level on Twitter in December was ChatGPT, a chatbot from OpenAI that interacts with the person in a conversational tone. The success of ChatGPT has prompted worries of how the expertise may have an effect on scholar evaluation and even write scientific papers!

Evaluating scientific abstracts generated by ChatGPT to authentic abstracts utilizing a synthetic intelligence output detector, plagiarism detector, and blinded human reviewers
Catherine A. Gao, Frederick M. Howard, Nikolay S. Markov, Emma C. Dyer, Siddhi Ramesh, Yuan Luo, Alexander T. Pearson

Abstracts written by ChatGPT idiot scientists – remark

Publishing with ChatGPT

A dialog with ChatGPT on the function of computational techniques biology in stem cell analysis

Only for enjoyable?

Innovation in science

A brand new paper analysing the frequency of main new instructions (or disruption) of science over time prompted discussions on i) whether or not that is true, ii) the causes and iii) whether or not we ought to be apprehensive. We’ve got picked out some examples of the chat under and suggest that you simply click on the hyperlinks for the complete dialogue.

preLights in #devbio

Need Erk-cellent illustration of Erk signalling dynamics? Wilcockson and authors discover an improved biosensor that faithfully experiences Erk exercise with out being impacted by Cdk1

Like Meta, however higher. METALoci: a brand new device to determine 3D regulatory areas within the genome, sex-determination version.

“Fear” your method out: Driscoll and colleagues characterize a bleb-based mode of cell migration that includes repetitive agitation of the extracellular matrix.

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