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Establishing a Line Phase |Development of Line Phase|Establishing

We are going to talk about right here about establishing a line section. We
know the way to attract a line section of a sure size. Suppose we need to draw a
line section of 4.5 cm size.

We observe the next steps as given under:

Step I: We place a scale on a paper sheet as proven under.

Constructing a Line Segment

Step II: We place the sharp level of a pencil on the purpose
which coincides with 0 on the size and title it as A.

Step III: We mark one other level B which coincides with the
fifth millimetre division after the 4th centimetre. (1 small division
= 1 mm.)

Step IV: We be a part of each factors A and B by drawing a line
section with a wonderful pointed pencil. The road section AB is of 4.5 cm size.

Drawing a Line Phase:

Now, allow us to learn to draw a line
section of a given size.

Step I: Place the ruler on the paper. Then
mark two factors P and Q in opposition to the marks 0 and 9 of the size.

Drawing a Line Segment

Step II: Preserving the size evenly, transfer the
pencil from P to Q alongside the sting of the size. The road section PQ is of
size 9 cm.

Drawing a Line Segment PQ

Suppose you must draw a line section AB of size 7.7 cm.

Place the ruler on the paper.

Mark a degree in opposition to the ‘0’ mark and one other level in opposition to
7.7 cm mark.

Be a part of the factors by urgent the size evenly and transferring the
tip of the sharp pencil alongside the sting of the size.

Take away the size and title the factors as A and B.

The road section drawn is of seven.7 cm.

Questions and Solutions on Establishing a Line Phase

I. Draw line segments of the next
lengths utilizing the ruler:

(i) 9 cm

(ii) 3 cm

(iii) 10 cm

(iv) 5 cm

(v) 7 cm

II. Draw two strains segments PQ and QR of
size 4 cm every such that they meet at level Q. Measure the size of line section

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