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Examples of Different Methods to Say “Mentioned”

We’re certain you’ve heard of the expression “he mentioned, she mentioned”—which means it’s one individual’s phrase in opposition to one other’s. It’s one thing you wish to keep away from, and we’re right here to inform you an identical goes to your writing. Discovering different methods to say mentioned diversifies your vocabulary and enhances your writing—and there are additionally instances when utilizing mentioned could also be pointless.

Right here, we’ll clarify what dialogue tags are, inform you after they’re mandatory, give you examples of different methods to say mentioned, and present you easy methods to keep away from utilizing it altogether.

What’s a dialogue tag?

A dialogue tag is a phrase that precedes, breaks up, or follows written dialogue that tells the reader who’s talking. Dialogue tags can be used to point out how a personality is talking (i.e., their tone or temper), to whom they’re talking, or how they’re feeling.

The commonest dialogue tag is mentioned, however repeating it might probably make your writing really feel and sound tedious. Equally, substitutes for mentioned ought to be used solely when it’s mandatory to spotlight a chunk of dialogue or emphasize how the phrases had been spoken. Briefly, dialogue tags ought to be used solely when mandatory and with moderation.

Listed below are just a few examples of dialogue tags.

“Let’s go examine that haunted home,” Freddie mentioned.

The world-famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan as soon as said, “Should you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you could first invent the universe.”

“I don’t wish to lose this recreation!” Michael shouted.

The queen checked out her royal advisors and proclaimed, “Do what should be executed.”

As you may see, dialogue tags are positioned proper earlier than or after citation marks.

Are dialogue tags at all times mandatory?

Whereas dialogue tags are essential to make it clear who’s talking to whom, there are occasions when repeating them just isn’t solely tough to learn but in addition pointless.

For instance, if there are solely two characters in a scene, there’s no have to repeat the phrase mentioned to point out that one is talking to the opposite—that’s apparent as a result of they’re the one ones within the scene. Right here’s an instance:

“The place do you wish to go for dinner?” Priya requested Jason.

“I’m craving burritos.”

“We had burritos yesterday.”

“You choose, then.”

The dialogue tag within the above instance may even be lower out altogether when you make it clear {that a} dialog is about to occur between two characters.

As Priya’s abdomen rumbled, she began enthusiastic about what she and Jason ought to eat that evening. “The place do you wish to go for dinner? I’m craving burritos.”

Except one other character is launched, there’s no want to position a dialogue tag on this dialog. You might use one to spotlight how a personality is talking—for instance, if one raises their voice throughout the alternate—however as we’ll clarify within the subsequent part, there are methods you may illustrate that with out utilizing a dialogue tag.

Utilizing bodily actions as an alternative of mentioned

Whereas dialogue tags can be utilized to convey a personality’s tone or temper, the identical impact will be achieved by describing bodily actions. Listed below are two examples of the identical scene, one utilizing a dialogue tag and the opposite utilizing bodily actions to spotlight the character’s temper.

Dialogue tag: “I’ve had it with these darn snakes on this darn aircraft,” mentioned an indignant Samuel.

Bodily motion: Samuel clenched his fist as he scowled. “I’ve had it with these darn snakes on this darn aircraft.”

There’s a writing rule of thumb that claims, “Present, don’t inform.” In different phrases, as an alternative of telling the reader that Samuel is indignant, as we see within the first instance, it’s higher to point out that he’s indignant by offering particulars reminiscent of his fist clenching and his facial features.

Using the “present, don’t inform” technique may also help you keep away from repeating dialogue tags all through your writing and provides the reader the identical info in a way more charming means.

You can even use this system to keep away from utilizing different methods to say mentioned. Let’s say you wish to spotlight the truth that a personality is shouting.

Dialogue tag: “Sufficient!” Bella shouted on the room.

Bodily motion: “Sufficient!” The room shook with the drive of Bella’s voice.

As soon as once more, the second instance is extra illustrative of how Bella is talking and offers extra particulars about how her remarks had been spoken. However keep in mind that it should be clear that she’s the one talking.

14 different methods to say mentioned examples

Right here, we’ll give you different methods to say mentioned, together with some examples of easy methods to use them in your writing.

“Should you add all of the flour directly, the dough will turn into too powerful,” the chef defined.

“I don’t suppose we ought to be placing synthetic turf on our soccer fields,” one of many residents commented.

“No, you mentioned you had been watching the youngsters,” Terri replied.

“If we hand over one other landing, this recreation is over,” Sufjan said.

Earlier than Alex was even executed along with his sentence, Courtney blurted, “What had been you pondering?”

“Wonderful, we will have ten extra minutes of recess,” the principal introduced.

Zoya checked out Molly and remarked, “You look drained; possibly it is best to take a nap.”

Dad stood up on the desk and declared, “It’s time to decide on our annual household trip.”

“Thanks a lot,” she responded.

“The flooding broken homes up and down the coast,” reported the journalist.

“There’s a goat standing on a cow!” exclaimed Molly.

“Don’t take one other step,” repeated the elf.

That’s when Lucy talked about, “We’re going within the flawed path.”

“If we coloration with chalk on the sidewalk, we must always do it after it rains,” famous Brian.

Different methods to say mentioned FAQs

What’s a dialogue tag?

A dialogue tag is a phrase that precedes, breaks up, or follows a written dialogue that tells the reader who’s talking, nevertheless it can be used to spotlight how a personality is talking (i.e., their tone or temper), to whom they’re talking, or how they’re feeling.

Are dialogue tags mandatory?

There are lots of instances when dialogue tags aren’t mandatory—as an illustration, in a dialog between two characters.

What are different methods to say mentioned?

Different methods to say mentioned embody defined, commented, said, blurted, declared, remarked, proclaimed, and introduced. You can even use bodily actions for example how a personality is talking or feeling rather than mentioned or related phrases.

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