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fifth Grade Math Phrase Issues

Here’s a checklist of 40 vital fifth grade math phrase issues that college students should know the best way to remedy in fifth grade. These fifth grade phrase issues had been chosen to cowl all kinds of subjects taught in fifth grade.


Marc has 3 trays which have nails in them. If every tray has eight compartments and every compartment has 35 nails, what number of nails are there in complete?

How many nails are there in total if each compartment has 35 nails?


The diameter of Venus is about 12104 kilometers and the diameter of Mars is about 6779 kilometers. The diameter of Uranus is about 50724 kilometers. Is the diameter of Uranus roughly than the sum of those two planets. In that case, how a lot roughly? 


If 12 apples are minimize into fifths, what number of wedges of apple are there?


What’s the greatest quantity you may make that has 9 and 5 as components and is smaller than 50?


Frederick mows lawns every week to earn cash. If he repeatedly mows 18 lawns every week and he costs 30 {dollars} to mow each, how a lot cash did he earn in 9 weeks?


It was -50 levels Fahrenheit on Tuesday evening. The following day at midday time, the temperature had risen 40 levels. What was the temperature on Wednesday? 


What number of alternative ways are you able to gown in case you have 4 pants and 5 shirts?


Peter used 10% of his earnings on meals. What fraction of Peter’s earnings is spent on meals?


It took David 21 minutes and 12 seconds to complete a marathon. Thiago accomplished the marathon 20 seconds quicker and Julie accomplished the marathon 15 seconds slower than Thiago. How lengthy did it take Julie to finish the marathon? 


Do you might have sufficient roll to fence your yard for those who want 420 toes of fencing and your roll has 140 yards of fencing? 


Discover a three-digit quantity that is the same as 340 when rounded to the closest ten and the tens digit is lower than those digit.


A bag incorporates 6 blue marbles and 4 pink marbles. If one marble is chosen at random, what’s the likelihood of drawing a pink marble. Write your reply as a %.


Ethan has 635 {dollars} in his financial savings account from a neighborhood financial institution and 90 {dollars} in his piggy financial institution from house. If he noticed the next commercial for a pc and the pc he desires to purchase prices 850 {dollars}, does he find the money for to purchase it? 


The typical of three numbers is 8. What’s the third quantity if the primary two numbers are 6 and 10.


What’s the space of a rectangle that’s 3 toes by 4 toes?


A tenting journey has 86 males and 75 ladies. They want cabins to remain for 1 evening and every cabin can accommodate as much as 8 folks. If women and men can not sleep in the identical cabin, what number of cabins are wanted for the evening? 


What’s the complete value of 14 gallons of paint if every gallon prices $12.80?


A stadium can seat 6000 folks. If there have been 4589 folks on Monday, 5447 folks on Wednesday, and 3524 on Saturday, what number of empty seats had been there in all for the three days?


Jonathan used two-fifths of his earnings on hire. What % of Jonathan’s earnings is spent on hire?


In Bergen, Norway’s second greatest metropolis, there’s rain nearly 75% of the times in September. What number of days in September did it rain?

Extra fifth grade math phrase issues


What’s the smallest quantity you may make that could be a a number of of 9 and 5 and is greater than 120?


Earth’s gravity is 9.8 m / s2 whereas the moon’s gravity is 1.6 m / s2.

1. What number of instances greater is the earth’s gravity in comparison with the moon?

2. The upper the gravity, the upper your weight shall be. How a lot would you weigh on the moon?


A pet weighs 15.830 kilos whereas a cat weighs 13.908 kilos. How way more does the pet weigh?


Final month, it value Jayden 450 {dollars} to purchase an electrical garden mower. He costs his neighbors 18 {dollars} every time to chop their grass for them. This month he minimize the grass 4 instances for six of his neighbors. Did he make as a lot cash as he spent on the garden mower? Clarify your reply!


A backyard is formed like a rectangle that’s 6 toes by 7 toes. What’s the perimeter of the backyard?


It prices about $0.30 to wash 1 sq. foot of carpet. How a lot cash would you pay to wash the carpet in your room in case your room is a sq. with a facet size of 12 toes?


Noemy purchased a sizzling canine for $2.25 and a bottle of juice for $1.30. How a lot cash did she get again if she paid with a $10 invoice?


It was 20 levels Fahrenheit at midday on Friday. The following day early within the morning, the temperature had dropped 40 levels. What was the temperature on Saturday morning? Chances are you’ll take a look at a thermometer if you want!


Suppose 2800 folks go to Busch backyard every day throughout college days and 3 times as many every day through the weekend. How many individuals go to Busch Backyard every week?


Martha ran a distance of 5 1/2 kilometers on Monday and 4 3/4 kilometers on Thursday. What number of kilometers did Martha run on each days? 


Peter acquired $330 {dollars} from his mother and father to purchase garments. If Peter spent two-thirds of the cash he acquired on garments after which purchased a pocket book for 3 {dollars}, how a lot cash did he have left?


A carpenter should minimize a 460 meters piece of wooden in twenty-three equal items. How lengthy is every bit?


It takes 26 gallons of gasoline to fill the tank of a truck. If one gallon of gasoline prices $3.85 {dollars}, how a lot cash will fill the tank of the truck?


Jack spent 25% of his allowance on ice cream. If Jack’s spent 50 {dollars} on ice cream, how a lot was his allowance?


It took Sylvia 5 days to drive 1200 miles from Tampa, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts. What’s the common distance Sylvia drove per day? 


Final week, John earned 500 {dollars} from work. The next week, he earned 25% much less. How a lot cash did he earn in two weeks? 


Discover a three-digit quantity that is the same as 900 when rounded to the closest hundred and the tens digit is twice those digit. 


In case you, maria, and one other good friend eat 3 1/2 slices of pizza every, what number of slices of pizza did all of you eat collectively?


What’s the mode of the next set of information?

60, 70, 60, 50, 60, 70, 40, 90, 100


Write down your age in years after which learn how outdated you’re in hours. Present how you bought your reply.

Issues to remember about these fifth grade math phrase issues

Fifth grade math word problems

If college students can remedy at the very least 35 of those 40 fifth grade math phrase issues, you may conclude that the scholars are good at fixing fifth grade math issues.

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