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First Grade Math Ideas or Curriculum

Discover right here many vital first grade math ideas taught in first grade. Lecturers, mother and father, and math tutors can even use them as a suggestion as an instance a math lesson or to show vital abilities that youngsters are presupposed to know in first grade math.

Equal components or equal shares

The orange circle has 2 equal components

The blue circle has 4 equal components



An array is an association of objects in equal rows or columns.
The primary array is product of soccer balls
The array has 2 rows and three columns
2 × 3 = 6 balls
The second array is product of squares.The array has 3 rows and 4 columns
3 × 4 = 12 squares



Quarter = one-fourth = 1 of 4 equal components. The sq. beneath is split into 4 equal items. One piece proven in inexperienced is 1 / 4 or one-fourth. 

A quarter

Associative property

2 + 3 + 1       =  (2 + 3) + 1
                     =  2 + (3 + 1)
       =  6

Associative property is shown using soccer balls

Closed determine

All sides of a closed determine are related. If there’s any hole or opening regardless of how small, then it isn’t a closed determine. 

Examples of closed figures and non-closed figures

Hour hand

The hour hand takes 1 hour to maneuver from a quantity to the following. The hour hand is smaller.

Hour or hr = 60 minutes

Hour hand


An estimate will not be the identical as a precise reply. We simply want a quantity near the precise quantity. To estimate the variety of marbles, we simply must know about what number of

Doable solutions: 15, 14, or 17


Commutative property

Whether or not 2 is written first or not, the reply to 2 + 1 continues to be 3
2 + 1 = 1 + 2 = 3

Showing the commutative property using soccer balls

2-dimensional figures
Examples of two-dimensional figures are pentagons, triangles, rectangles, and circles.

2-dimensional shapes

Sorts of clocks
Two sorts of clocks are analog clocks and digital clocks. An analog clock makes use of two or three arms to point out the time. A digital clock makes use of numbers to point out the time.

Types of clocks


A dice has 6 faces, 12 edges and eight vertices. The dice beneath exhibits 3 faces with the colour crimson, blue, and orange. The dice additionally exhibits a vertex with a tiny white circle.


Multiples of 10
The multiples of 10 are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, …

Multiples of 10

Counting up

Begin at 3 and depend 2 extra to succeed in 5

Counting up

Extra vital first grade math ideas


A quantity signifies what number of or how a lot. A numeral is used to characterize the variety of objects. For instance, after counting the pencils within the determine beneath, we get 4. We use the numeral 4 to characterize 4 pencils.

A number

three-dimensional shapes

3 dimensional shapes are stable shapes which have width, size, and top.
Examples of three-dimensional shapes are cones, cylinders, soda cans, soccer balls, and spheres.

3-dimensional shapes

Make 10

Make 10 is a technique that may assist youngsters to shortly add two numbers.
For instance, to shortly add 8 and seven, youngsters can attempt to make a ten first.

8 + 7 = (8 + 2) + 5 = 10 + 5 = 15

8 + 7 = 5 + (3 + 7) = 5 + 10 = 15

Make 10

Minute hand

The minute hand takes 5 minutes to maneuver from a quantity to the following. The minute hand is greater.

1 minute = 60 seconds
5 minutes = 300 seconds

Minute hand

Totally different

The 2 triangles are totally different, however they’ve the identical form.

Different size triangle

Counting down

Begin at 6 and depend backward to succeed in 2.

Counting down

Composite form

The arrow proven beneath is a composite form since it’s produced from 2 fundamental shapes (a triangle and a rectangle)

Composite shape

Amassing knowledge

Collecting data


An expression has no equal signal. For instance, 8 + 4 – 6 is an expression. 


A coin is a flat and spherical piece of metallic that’s used as cash in a rustic.
In United States, the cash which are principally used are pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  

1 penny = 1 cent
1 nickel = 5 cents
1 dime = 10 cents
1 quarter  = 25 cents

2 dimes + 1 quarter + 3 nickels = 60 cents



Equation all the time have an equal signal. The quantity on the left facet is the same as the quantity on the precise facet. For instance, 2 + 4 = 6 is an equation.

Issues to bear in mind in regards to the first grade math ideas on this web page

1. Guarantee that college students perceive a lot of the math abilities above taught in first grade math. If you want to measure their understanding of math abilities taught in first grade math, please verify this first grade math check.

2. These first grade math ideas are in step with first grade math widespread core state requirements.

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