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First Grade Math Phrase Issues with Plenty of Examples

Here’s a listing of 45 essential first grade math phrase issues that first grade college students should know learn how to clear up. 


What number of bunny ears do 3 bunnies have?


There are 20 youngsters in George’s class. On Wednesday, the instructor takes attendance and says solely 14 youngsters are at school and the remaining are out sick. What number of youngsters are out sick?


Ben and Samantha had been consuming jelly beans. Ben ate 6 items and Samantha ate greater than he did. In all, they ate 15 items of jelly beans. How a lot jelly beans did Samantha eat? 


Emily watched 5 episodes of her favourite present at the moment. The present has 10 episodes. What number of episodes does she have left to observe? 


Jamie introduced 18 cookies in for the category. 9 cookies had been chocolate chip cookies and the remaining had been oatmeal raisin cookies. What number of cookies had been oatmeal raisin?


Gabriel’s class goes to the zoo. They see 4 tigers, 2 lions, 3 pigs, and 5 guinea pigs. What number of animals are on the farm? 


Jessie and Gary are within the library. Jessie checks out 4 books to take dwelling, and Gary checks out 8 books. What number of extra books did Gary try?


If Joshua has 10 cookies and the variety of cookies with chocolate chips is 4 greater than the variety of cookies with M&M’s, what number of cookies have chocolate chips?


Hailey has some crayons throughout drawing time. Gabriella offers her 6 extra crayons and now she has 11. What number of crayons did she have to start with?


Joel has 3 marbles. Patrick has 13 marbles. What number of extra marbles does Patrick have?


Jayden is cooking along with his mother. She tells him to place 12 grapes within the fruit salad however Jayden eats among the grapes. When she involves examine, there are solely 7 grapes within the salad. What number of did Jayden eat?


Caleb’s class is on a discipline journey, and the instructor is giving out lollipops. 6 bought grape taste, 3 bought orange taste, and 10 bought inexperienced apple taste. What number of youngsters are in Caleb’s class altogether?


Tina has 8 superhero motion figures and he or she will get some extra from her pal, Conner. Now she has 12 superhero motion figures. What number of did she get from Conner?


Lily made 8 cupcakes for her mother and pa. Her mother took 2 cupcakes and her dad took 3. What number of cupcakes are left?

8 cupcakes


Logan drew 4 footage. Noah drew 9 footage. Noah drew ____ extra footage than Logan.


Theo watched 9 episodes of his favourite present. Then, his sister, Sofia, watched 6 extra episodes with him. What number of episodes did he watch in whole?


Kate and Derek purchased fish from a pet retailer. Kate has 4 fish, and Derek has 9 fish. They put them multi function fish tank. What number of fish are within the fish tank?


If in case you have 14 pencils and also you lose 6 of them, what number of pencils do you’ve gotten left?


Cory and Sasha are consuming sweet. There are 20 items, 8 purple and a few blue. In the event that they eat all of the purple items, what number of blue items will they’ve left?


Joey and Justin depend their fingers. What number of fingers did they depend altogether?


Benji has 4 rabbits and he counts their ears. What number of ears does he depend?


Which weighs extra: a 16-pound Poodle or a 25-pound Labrador?


Melanie, Nicholas, and Seth are going apple choosing. Melanie picks 5 apples, Nicholas picks 9 apples, and so they decide 18 apples all collectively. What number of apples did Seth decide?


Ethan is adorning the home windows in his home. His home has 7 home windows, and he’s already put stickers on 2. What number of home windows does he have left?


Linda has 2 cats, 2 bunnies, and 1 guinea pig. What number of little noses do her pets have?


Sam is gathering fall leaves for an artwork challenge. He finds 6 yellow leaves and three orange leaves. When he will get inside, his pal Cindy offers him 4 extra inexperienced leaves. What number of leaves does he have for his artwork challenge?


Belle’s class is hatching butterflies. They put 10 caterpillars within the case and after a number of days, there are 6 butterflies within the case. What number of haven’t hatched but? 


Paige eats 8 graham crackers on Monday and 0 on Sunday. What number of does she eat in whole?


Oscar had 17 pencils in his pencil field. His pal, Kiana, takes some pencils. Now he has 4 left. What number of did Kiana take?


Ms. O’Brien tells everybody to choose a accomplice and skim 10 books over the summer season. Anne reads 1 e-book and Jonathan reads 3 books. What number of extra books have they got left to learn? 


On Tuesday, Pedro ate 4 slices of pizza and just one slice on Wednesday. What number of extra slices of pizza did Pedro eat on Tuesday?


If there are about 2 inches of snow every day of the week, what number of inches of snow will there be in per week?


Madison likes to eat marshmallow. Every day he eats 6 marshmallow items. How items of marshmallow will he eat after 3 days.


Jackson and Liam like to drink soda and consuming chocolate cookies. Every day Jackson drinks 2 cups of soda and Liam drinks 1 cup of soda. What number of cups of soda do they drink collectively in per week?


A 15-pound cat is attacking a 14-pound canine in a playground. Which animal is heavier?


Rasheed has 10 pennies in a vase and 20 pennies in his piggy financial institution. What number of dimes does he have?


Nicole’s canine loves treats. If Nicole’s canine will get 4 treats on Sunday and 6 treats on Monday, what number of treats did the canine get? 


Sylvia has 4 folders in her backpack and every folder has 3 poems. What number of poems does Sylvia have?


Rachel’s mother is making a cake to function dessert for her visitors at time for dinner. She wants 6 eggs. Rachel’s father wants additionally 6 eggs to make muffins. If the egg carton has 11 eggs now, what number of eggs shall be left within the egg carton when they’re executed making their meals? 


A basket has 8 inexperienced tomatoes and 4 purple tomatoes. What number of tomatoes are within the basket?


What number of paws do 2 cats have?


There are 6 inexperienced balloons and three yellow balloons flying within the sky. What number of balloons are flying altogether?


Mason has 10 apps on his cellphone. 3 of the apps are video games. What number of apps aren’t video games?


Clark household loves to purchase toys for his or her kids. Final week, they purchased 6 toy vehicles and this week, they purchased 4. What number of toys did the youngsters get in two weeks? 


Is a 110-pound kangaroo heavier or lighter than a 115-pound kangaroo?

Issues to bear in mind concerning the first grade math phrase issues

First grade math word problems
  • These 1st grade phrase issues align with the widespread core requirements. College students are uncovered solely to first grade math issues as they attempt to clear up these issues utilizing easy addition and easy subtraction.
  • As college students attempt to clear up these first grade math phrase issues, they may even develop their studying comprehension on the identical time.
  • The subjects which are lined principally embrace addition phrase issues and subtraction phrase issues since these are the talents they should grasp at that grade degree.
  • If college students can clear up at the very least 40 of those 45 first grade math phrase issues, you may conclude that the scholars have good essential considering expertise and are good at fixing first grade math phrase issues.
  • These phrase issues will expose each 1st-grader to conditions she or he already encounters in on a regular basis life.
  • All phrase issues can be utilized at school as additional apply, homework, morning work, ,and included in checks. Instead, you might put them one after the other on the whiteboard and talk about the answer with the entire class.
  • It’s often a bit difficult for younger learners to sort out phrase issues. Be affected person with them and provides them time to course of the data within the issues. 
  • All the issues are imagined to be easy phrase issues. For those who assume an issue is simply too powerful for a child in first grade, let me know.
  • Get a PDF file of those phrase issues. You might additionally use it as a worksheet.

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