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IELTS Essay: Future Challenges for International locations

by paulacaja

International locations all over the world can be going through important challenges relating not solely to the setting, however inhabitants and schooling as effectively.

What issues will your nation face within the subsequent ten years?

How can these issues be overcome?

We reside in an evolutioning wolrd during which the adjustments relaiting not solely to the setting, but additionally the inhabitants and schooling can be completely different in a close to future.

Actually, there are a number of points that this planet will experiment within the subsequent years. All of the international locations that we all know will endure of local weather change, desforestation and air pollution, amongst others. For instance, in Spain, the nation that I reside in, is understood that ten years from now the nation will increase its temperatures, having a a lot heat summer time and getting bother percieving the winter. This drawback will result in extra forest fires, wihich will trigger desforestation. Due to this fact, if we run out of CO2 sources, that can make a increment on the contamination and air pollution.

For that cause, the inhabitants will should change their perspective about how we’re treating this planet and be concern about what we’re letting into our future and the longer term generations. We now have to take care about it as a result of it’s straight damaging our well being. It’s identified that we are going to have extra helth issues sooner or later as a result of all the points point out earlier than will create these. Additionally we’ve to stay that if we do not begin by educating our youngsters, they will not have the information to afford that state of affairs.

To conclude, It can be crucial that we should attempt to remedy these issues by caring for the planet, beeing concience that they’ll afect our well being and giving a very good schooling for our subsequent generations. However, they’re going to take care of the planet we left behind.

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