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Information about Multiplication | Multiplicand | Multiplier

We’ve learnt multiplication of numbers with 2-digit multiplier. Now, we are going to study extra. Tell us some details about multiplication.

When every set of numbers are equal we use multiplication to search out out the end result.

The signal of multiplication is ×.

1. The results of multiplication known as product

e.g. 2 × 3 = 6     (Product).

In multiplication, the quantity being multiplied known as the multiplicand and the quantity by which it’s being multiplied known as the multiplier. 


Facts about Multiplication

The reply of the multiplication known as the product.

2. The product of any quantity multiplied by a ‘zero’ is zero.

Multiplying any quantity by 0 will at all times give 0. 

Instance: 3 × 0 = 0     or     6 × 0 = 0

Suppose — If every little one will get ‘zero’ sweets, what number of sweets will 4 youngsters get?

4 occasions 0 sweets or 4 × 0 = 0

3. Multiplying any quantity by 1 will at all times give that quantity itself.

The product of any quantity multiplied by ‘one’ is the same as
the quantity itself.


× 1 = 7      or      9 × 1 = 9

Suppose — If each little one will get ‘1’ candy, what number of
sweets are wanted for 8 youngsters?

1 little one → 1 candy

8 youngsters → 8 occasions 1 candy

8 × 1 candy = 8 sweets

Product is the same as the quantity itself.

4. In a multiplication operation, the product could be equal
to the numbers being multiplied or higher than, however by no means the smaller, besides
when one of many quantity is zero.


Multiplication Facts

5. For each multiplication truth there are two division


Multiplication Fact

Thus, the product divided by the multiplicand equals the
multiplier and the product divided by the multiplier equals the multiplicand.

6. Product is at all times identical even when the order of the numbers adjustments whereas multiplying.

In multiplication operation, the change within the order of
the numbers being multiplied doesn’t change the product.


6 x 3 = 18 is identical as 3 x 6 = 18

9 × 8 = 8 × 9 = 72

12 × 5 = 5 × 12 = 60


The division truth is used for locating the lacking
multiplicand or multiplier.

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