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Is the Yellowstone supervolcano actually ‘due’ for an eruption?

A hydrothermal characteristic at Yellowstone Nationwide Park. (Picture credit score: zrfphoto through Getty Photographs)

Beneath Yellowstone Nationwide Park, an enormous area of spectacular wilderness visited by round 3 million individuals yearly (opens in new tab), lurks one of many largest volcanoes on the planet. 

The Yellowstone Caldera — the cauldron-like basin on the summit of the volcano — is so colossal that it’s typically referred to as a “supervolcano,” which, in response to the Pure Historical past Museum (opens in new tab) in London, means it has the capability to “produce a magnitude-eight eruption on the Volcanic Explosivity Index, discharging greater than 1,000 cubic kilometers [240 cubic miles] of fabric.” 

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