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Is There Water on the Moon?

Researchers Confirm Ice at the Moon’s Poles

The picture exhibits the distribution of floor ice on the Moon’s south pole (left) and north pole (proper), detected by NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument. Blue represents the ice areas, plotted over a picture of the lunar floor, the place the grey scale corresponds to floor temperature (darker representing colder areas and lighter shades indicating hotter zones). The ice is concentrated on the darkest and coldest areas, within the shadows of craters. This was the primary time scientists straight noticed definitive proof of water ice on the Moon’s floor. Credit: NASA

Is there water on the Moon?

Truly, sure. However not like we expertise right here on Earth. On the Moon, water is discovered all around the floor, nevertheless it’s primarily within the type of ice and never swimming pools of liquid water. Some locations have extra water than others. On the poles of the Moon are areas that by no means obtain any daylight, and they also’re extraordinarily chilly. We name these completely shadowed areas, and there could possibly be loads of ice inside them. The ice inside these areas could also be combined in with the lunar soil, buried deep under the floor, or it could possibly be a sheet of ice.

Outdoors these extraordinarily chilly locations is way much less water, nevertheless it’s nonetheless there. Surfaces on the Moon that do see daylight expertise excessive temperature adjustments of 300 Celsius. This makes it hard for water to survive on the sunlit Moon, but the water that does survive is unlike any water we experience here on Earth.

But what does that mean? Imagine you have a handful of sand and you spread the grains of sand out so far that no grain touches another grain. An individual grain of sand represents a single molecule of water. And this is what we observe on the sunlit surface of the Moon. The sunlit Moon, however, has 100 times less water than the Sahara Desert, but the poles of the Moon may contain tons of ice.

So, is there water on the Moon? Yes. And one day, future astronauts may be able to harvest this water and use it for drinkable water, breathable oxygen or rocket fuel to take us farther out into our solar system. Harvesting this water is a critical component of future human deep space exploration, which is why our VIPER rover will be traveling to the Moon’s South Pole to search for ice and other potential resources and determine where they came from.

Is there water on the Moon? Sure! However you gained’t discover swimming pools of liquid H2O on the lunar floor — water on the Moon is usually within the type of ice. Harvesting this water is a crucial part of future human deep house exploration, which is why our golf cart-sized VIPER, or the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover, might be touring to the Moon’s South Pole to seek for ice and different potential assets to find out the place they got here from. Discover extra about this first-of-its-kind rover. Credit score: NASA

We Requested a NASA Professional Video Sequence

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