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One-pot cellulose etherification and self-crosslinking by way of delicate hydroxyl-yne click on response in homogeneous system

Chemical modification of cellulose in sustainable manner is very fascinating for prime efficiency cellulose derivatives. Herein, a novel one-pot etherification and self-crosslinking of cellulose was first demonstrated by making use of the delicate hydroxyl-yne click on response below homogeneous system. Aside from benzene rings and carbonyl teams, the conjugated C=C double bonds fashioned by hydroxyl-yne click on response was additionally launched to the ready cellulose phenyl propylene ketone ethers (CPPKs). Apparently, the conjugated C=C double bonds in CPPKs may crosslink by way of photo-dimerization reactions throughout the etherification of cellulose, forming chemically crosslinked CPPKs. Due to this fact, CPPKs movies exhibited wonderful mechanical properties and solvents resistance. The utmost tensile stress of CPPKs was 85.7±1.5 MPa, which was 1.6 occasions of uncooked cellulose. In the meantime, CPPKs movies have been steady in excessive polarity solvents (DMSO, DMAc, and DMF) for six months. Moreover, CPPKs not solely exhibited wonderful UV shielding properties, but additionally confirmed good UV self-reinforcing properties, each CPPKs hydrogels and movies displayed improved mechanical properties below UV-irradiation. This work offered a sustainable one-pot etherification and self-crosslinking of cellulose within the homogeneous system which may impart wonderful stress, solvents resistance, UV-shielding and UV self-reinforcing to cellulose, selling the high-value utilization of cellulose supplies.

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