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Paper of Masanori Hanada and the Monte Carlo String/M-theory collaboration revealed in JHEP

The paper “Precision check of gauge/gravity duality in D0-brane matrix mannequin at low temperature“, co-authored by Stratos Pateloudis (Regensburg), Georg Bergner (Jena), Masanori Hanada, Enrico Rinaldi (Michigan and RIKEN, Japan), Andreas Schäfer (Regensburg), Pavlos Vranas (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory), Hiromasa Watanabe (Kyoto), Norbert Bodendorfer (Regensburg), and the Monte Carlo String/M-theory collaboration, has been revealed within the Journal of Excessive Vitality Physics (writer hyperlink right here). The primary outcomes are in Figures 1 & 2 (proven beneath). The authors examined the gauge/gravity duality that relates quantum black gap and non-gravitational quantum system in unprecedented precision. The blue line in Determine 1 is the mass of a black gap calculated within the gravity aspect, through the use of the Bekenstein-Hawking method. The factors with error bars are the vitality of the non-gravitational system. In line with the gauge/gravity duality conjecture, they have to be the identical worth at low temperature, modulo a small string-theoretic corrections. The authors see a pleasant settlement, and the small distinction takes the shape anticipated from superstring idea. The paper gives a really robust check of the duality conjecture.

Determine 1 (left) and Determine 2 (proper) from the paper.

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