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Second Grade Math Phrase Issues

Here’s a record of 30 vital second grade math phrase issues that college students should know find out how to clear up in second grade. 


Alex, Harley, and Olive are out orange selecting. Alex has picked 8 oranges, Harley has picked 12 oranges, and Olive has picked 5 extra oranges than Alex. What number of oranges have they picked altogether?


Rita is exercising day-after-day. She walks 6 blocks on Monday, 9 blocks on Tuesday, and 12 blocks on Wednesday. If she follows the identical sample, what number of blocks will she stroll on Thursday?


Elijah is counting his cash. He has 6 dimes, 4 nickels, and 17 pennies. How a lot cash does he have? 


Noah is placing a 200 piece puzzle collectively. After he’s put some collectively, he counts 78 items left within the field. What number of items has he put collectively?


Luci goes to the sweet retailer with 79¢. She buys a field of chocolate for 50¢. How a lot change will she get again?


Jeremy eats 15 crackers on Monday, 26 crackers on Tuesday, and 9 crackers on Wednesday. What number of crackers has he eaten thus far this week?


Mia and Logan are promoting chocolate bars. Mia bought 17 chocolate bars on Friday, and 12 chocolate bars on Saturday. Logan has bought 6 much less chocolate bars than Mia. What number of chocolate bars has Logan bought?


Lucas eats 2 vitamin gummies day-after-day. What number of vitamin gummies does he eat in 6 days?


Ava has drawn 62 drawings over the summer time. She offers 5 to her grandparents, 13 to her aunt, and 22 to her second grade class. What number of does she have left?


Rowan buys a bag of sweet with 45 items in it. He offers 19 items to his pal Parker. Later, his pal Willow offers him a bag with 8 items of sweet in it. How a lot sweet does Rowan have now?


Mr. Carter, the artwork trainer, desires to make stations for Aiden’s class. Every station can match 7 folks, and Aiden’s class has 21 folks. What number of stations does Mr. Carter have to make?


There are 53 folks on a bus. On the first cease, 19 folks get off. On the second cease, 36 folks get on. How many individuals are on the bus now?


Jade finds 4 seashells on the seashore. Then she finds 7 extra. Does Jade have an excellent or odd variety of seashells?


Ashton is counting his marbles. He arranges them in 4 rows, with 5 marbles in every row. What number of marbles does he have?


Taylor is having a celebration. There are 34 folks coming, and she or he must order cookies for all of them. If there are 10 cookies in every field, what number of containers of cookies does she want?


Mackenzie is studying skip counting. She writes the numbers 100, 103, and 106. What are the subsequent 5 numbers within the sequence?


Danni’s class is on a subject journey. They go away faculty at 8:05 am and are available again to the varsity at 2:30. How lengthy was the sector journey?


Hope’s soccer staff has gained their previous three video games. Within the first sport, they scored 60 factors. Within the second sport, they scored 59 factors. Within the third sport, they scored 72 factors. What number of factors have they scored in all?


Bradley, Tessa, and Fiona accumulate baseball playing cards. Bradley has 307 playing cards in his assortment, and he offers 31 to Tessa and 24 to Fiona. What number of playing cards does Bradley have left?


The basketball staff is having a canine wash fundraiser. On the finish of the fundraiser, Kaitlyn has washed 58 canine, Frankie has washed 33 canine, and Sam has washed 44 canine. What number of canine received washed?


Kody’s household is on a prepare journey. The prepare leaves at 12:50 pm, and it takes them 3 hours and 25 minutes to achieve their vacation spot. What time do they make it?


Jasmin goes to the toy retailer. Her mother gave her $1 to spend. She sees a bouncy ball for 33¢ and sweet for 20¢ every. If she buys the ball and a chunk of sweet, how a lot change will she get again?


Jaden and Jodie are consuming from a bag of gummy bears. Jaden eats 21 and Jodie eats 19. There at the moment are 47 gummy bears left within the bag. What number of gummy bears have been within the bag earlier than Jaden and Jodi ate some?


Adison is saving cash for a brand new iPad. She received $40 from her grandparents, and $75 from her dad and mom. She’s already saved $250 herself. How a lot cash does she have to purchase the iPad?


Sabrina is placing a puzzle collectively together with her pal Baxter. They put 88 items collectively, then rely within the field and see that there are 43 items left. What number of items does the puzzle have?


Matthew finds 3 quarters, 2 dimes, 5 nickels, and 10 pennies in his outdated piggy again. How a lot cash does he discover?


Henry is skip counting by 5 and writing the numbers on a chunk of paper. Then he spills some juice on the paper. Some numbers have disappeared. Fill within the lacking numbers: 55, 60, __ , __ , 75, 80, __ , 90, __


Isabella and Levi go to the aquarium. Levi asks Isabella what number of fish she sees. She says there are lower than 12. There are greater than 10 fish. What number of fish does Isabella see?


Ms. Davidson divides the category into 3 teams. If there are 18 children within the class, how many individuals are in every group?


There are 53 children in fifth grade at Jackson Elementary faculty, and on the final day of college, the cafeteria is making ice cream cones. They make 37 vanilla cones earlier than they run out of vanilla ice cream, and so they make the remainder of the cones with chocolate ice cream. What number of cones are made with chocolate ice cream?

Issues to remember concerning the second grade math phrase issues

Second grade math word problems
  • These 2nd grade math phrase issues align with the widespread core requirements. College students are uncovered solely phrase issues in second grade as they attempt to clear up these issues utilizing easy addition, easy subtraction, multiplication and division with one or two-digit numbers.
  • As college students attempt to clear up these second grade math phrase issues, they can even develop their studying comprehension on the similar time.
  • The subjects which might be lined largely embody addition phrase issues, subtraction phrase issues, multiplication phrase issues, division phrase issues, and a few easy cash phrase issues by including cash. These are the talents they should grasp at that grade stage.
  • If college students can clear up a minimum of 25 of those 30 second grade math phrase issues, you possibly can conclude that the scholars have good essential pondering abilities and are good at fixing 2nd grade math phrase issues.
  • These phrase issues will expose each 2nd-grader to conditions she or he already encounters in on a regular basis life.
  • All phrase issues can be utilized in school as further observe, take a look at prep, homework, morning work within the classroom, and integrated in checks. In its place, you could possibly put them one after the other on the whiteboard and talk about the answer with the entire class.
  • It’s normally a bit difficult for younger learners to sort out phrase issues. Be affected person with them and provides them time to course of the data within the issues. 
  • All the issues are alleged to be easy phrase issues. If you happen to suppose an issue is just too powerful for a child in second grade, let me know.
  • Obtain a PDF file of those phrase issues. You would additionally use it as a worksheet.

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