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The Unimportance of Correct Monetary Information

• Physics 16, s13

Simulations of the conduct of particular person monetary merchants present that imperfect market information will increase threat however not general losses.


Based on Francis Bacon’s well-known citation, information is energy. However for Arthur de Magalhães of the Federal Heart for Technological Schooling of Minas Gerais, Brazil, it isn’t essentially wealth. Whereas modeling the emergence of financial-market dynamics, de Magalhães derived a counterintuitive consequence: merchants with correct information of an asset’s worth didn’t, on common, accrue extra wealth than less-informed friends [1].

To analyze the market impact of imperfect information, de Magalhães simulated the conduct of some hundred particular person merchants. At every time step, the merchants selected whether or not to purchase or promote an asset whose worth diverse in response to demand and to a random exterior affect. Some merchants acted primarily based on the distinction between the asset’s present worth and its predicted worth on the subsequent time step. Different merchants judged the worth in opposition to the long-term common worth of the asset. In each teams, every dealer differed in how precisely they decided the asset’s worth.

De Magalhães discovered that the mannequin reproduced statistical patterns seen in actual markets for the asset-price variation and the distribution of returns on an funding. However the mannequin diverged from expectations when it got here to the merchants’ particular person performances. Though the least educated forecasters performed riskier video games, exhibiting higher variance of their returns, on common they elevated their wealth by about as a lot as extra educated merchants. De Magalhães thinks {that a} extra detailed mannequin, incorporating merchants’ useful resource limitations and working prices, might yield the intuitive relationship between information and success. However, he says, the truth that his simplified model defied expectations might give perception into how markets work.

–Marric Stephens

Marric Stephens is a Corresponding Editor for Physics Journal primarily based in Bristol, UK.


  1. A. R. Bosco de Magalhães, “Wealth dynamics in a market with data asymmetries,” Phys. Rev. E 107, 014305 (2023).

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