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Utilizing a Ruler | Measure a Size

Line segments could be measured utilizing a ruler or a divider.

The ruler given beneath has 15 cm marked on it. The size of the ruler is 15 cm.

Measuring Ruler

The higher fringe of the ruler is marked in centimetres.

Every centimetre is additional divided into 10 divisions.

Every division corresponds to 1 millimetre (mm)

One-tenth of a centimetre is named a millimetre.

         10 mm = 1 cm                           1 mm = (frac{1}{10})
cm = 0.1 cm

The decrease fringe of the ruler is marked in inches.

         1 inch = 2.5 cm                         6 inches = 15 cm

Measure the size of the road phase RS.

Measuring a Line Segment

Step I: Place the size with its edge exhibiting centimetre alongside the road
phase RS such that ‘O’ of the size coincides with the purpose R.

Step II: Learn the mark on the size towards the purpose ‘S’.

Step III: The purpose ‘S’ is at 7 divisions after 5 cm.

Step IV:Subsequently the size of the road phase is 5 cm 7 mm = 5.7

To measure a size of a pencil, place on the ‘0’ of the ruler on the one finish of the pencil and observe the place of the opposite finish. Within the given image the opposite finish of the pencil is at 12. So, the size of the pencil is 12 cm.

Measuring a Pencil

Questions and Solutions on Utilizing a Ruler: 

1. Take a look at the next footage and discover the size of every objects.


Measuring a Book

Size of the e book is ………… cm


Measuring a Toothbrush

Size of the toothbrush is ………… cm


Measuring Eraser

Size of the eraser is ………… cm


Measuring a Brush

Size of the comb is ………… cm

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